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Proof Strategies is a public relations and communications partner that “asks better questions” to create insight, grow trust and achieve success.  With offices in Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, and Washington, D.C., the independently owned Proof family of companies opened its first office in 1994 and today has more than 200 team members across the United States and Canada. 

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Why Work with Proof?

Proof Strategies works with clients to solve problems and create strategies that achieve real business outcomes. 

Our true focus area has been helping international and domestic clients adapt and change to the ever-morphing world of communications strategy.  

We use research, discovery, and asset development to connect with audiences, understand our clients and determine what strategies will attract and engage members or customers. That requires real leadership and good listening, and it achieves real business results.  

Who We Are
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How do we do this?

By leading with our values, employing the best talent, and treating all our clients and staff with respect, kindness, and the empathy they deserve. 

As the United States and Canada enter the world of post-Covid, now hybrid and always on Omnichannel marketing, the results for consumers can be jarring and noisy. 

Let us help you stand out,  stand apart. And, ideally, stand for something. 

You will want to work with us, and not just because of our expertise. But because we stand by our values and proven results. We will show you how to do it right. 

Because that’s what we mean by values – not just saying what’s right, but actually doing it.

What We Do
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