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Neocate: Bringing Families Together
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Neocate: Bringing Families Together


Neocate, a branch of Nutricia North America, is a consumer-facing brand of elemental, amino-acid-based medical formula for children and infants with food allergies. For many Neocate families, feeding food-allergic children is no easy task – it requires parents to track their children’s diets, their outbreaks, and overall health. Parents may often feel confused, frustrated and angry. To support them, Neocate set out to develop an online community for parents in the United States, where they might seek advice, learn about the Neocate formula and provide each other with hope and support.


Proof Strategies analyzed Facebook metrics to identify the target audience and their interests. The research confirmed that the target audience is mostly moms ages 25 and 34 with children with food and milk allergies.

With this information at hand, Proof developed goals to improve community relations. Through meetings and calls with the client, we were able to gauge customer feedback both on social media and through customer service phone calls. This helped us understand the audience’s perspective when dealing with allergies, ultimately shaping the social media content and approved responses for concerned parents.

After auditing and meeting with the client, Proof identified goal as providing high-quality customer service to Neocate families. The strategy for accomplishing this task was to execute a full-fledged community relations campaign on Facebook.

To accomplish this goal, Proof executed the following tactics:

  • Measured engagement to identify audience reactions and growth
  • Reached 100% response rate with audiences, with responses provided in under 30 minutes
  • Developed a FAQ document with approved responses from the client
  • Monitored the Facebook page actively throughout the day and responded to inquiries
  • Encouraged engagement by posing questions to audiences such as “What does it mean to be a food allergy parent?”
  • Posted community-sourced #NeocateBaby photos from Instagram, often displaying before-and-after images of infants who benefitted from Neocate
  • Shared informational videos, including recipes, and frequently asked questions
  • Garnered more than 2.8 million impressions (a 97.3% increase from the previous year)
  • Reached more than a million people
  • Garnered 13,298 engagements (a 47.5% increase from the previous year)
  • Increased the number of fans to 11,482 (a 17% increase from the previous year)

Launched ads that reached 32,508 people and earned 49,001 impressions