Case Studies
Keolis North America
Keous bus worker helping person in wheelchair board a bus

Keolis North America


How do you focus on keeping the trains running when customer satisfaction is at an all-time low? Struggling with pricing and service issues, Keolis North America needed to not only re-establish its strong brand presence but also market to the municipalities they were under contract with.


Proof developed a dynamic digital, traditional and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) campaign for Keolis. Through persona research, we were able to strategically message the advances of the transportation system in the communities where they operate. We re-established the brand with the trade, consumer and business press (locally and nationally). Our dynamic social media campaign helped humanize the company, which fostered goodwill and trust with customers.


Proof established a growing community on both Facebook and Twitter. We decreased the number of messages sent by 58.8% and instead focused on creating more tailored content. Some year-over year results included:

  • An increase in the number of engagements (likes, comments, replies, retweets) by 2,614.1%
  • An increase in number of impressions per Tweet by 121.9%
  • A 33.3% increase in total followers