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Nutricia North America
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Nutricia North America


Managing child food allergies is no simple task. Parents have to track their children’s diets, outbreaks and overall health. In order to simplify the process, Neocate released a free app available for iOS, allowing families to find recipes and track their children’s eating habits. Proof was tasked with promoting the app and managing the community of Neocate parents, caregivers and doctors on the company’s Facebook page.


Throughout the seven years Nutricia has been a client, we have successfully communicated with moms, dads, caregivers and healthcare providers about important health issues that affect their children and patients. Proof encouraged, initiated and continues to expand Nutricia’s social media platforms to build stronger relationships and engagement with consumer audiences.

In order to promote the Neocate Footsteps app, Proof executed the following tactics:

  • Created a media list that included medical and health outlets, as well as relevant mommy bloggers
  • Distributed a press release to relevant outlets
  • Distributed custom pitches to mommy bloggers and dentists, encouraging them to review the app
  • Created advertisements for Facebook and Instagram, targeting individuals ages 25 to 44 and utilizing keywords such as “baby care,” “child care,” “baby center,” “food allergy,” “infant formula,” “milk allergy,” “eczema” and others


Proof increased the brand’s position as a leader through the development and launch of a consumer blog. By partnering with the company on social media and leveraging the brand’s signature campaign, “Neocate Footsteps,” issue awareness continues to increase among healthcare providers, parents and patients.

With Environics’ strategic guidance and community management, over the past year the Neocate Facebook page has:

  • Increased its fan base by 17% by managing and growing the community on Facebook
  • Earned the “Very Responsive” Facebook accolade with ongoing community management
  • Garnered 13,298 engagements and 2.8 million impressions
  • Increased Neocate’s position as a leading expert resource through the development, launch and continued support of their consumer-facing blog
  • Increased site traffic to the Neocate blog and to key resource tools and pages
  • Secured 8,682 link clicks for the Neocate Footsteps app throughout the year
  • Reached 400,383 people through advertisements throughout the year
  • Secured a review of the app by a food allergy blogger from Accidentally Crunchy as a result of direct pitching.