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The Mastercard Foundation


To promote and amplify the authentic, long-form story The Village: Kyangwali to Africans, especially young women, in five target countries in Africa – Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal.

External Challenge

Uganda Social Media Tax: What does it mean?

At the beginning of 2019, the Ugandan Government instituted a social media tax on 60 online social platforms, resulting in the loss of more than 5 million of the country’s 18.5 million social internet users.


Phase 1

The initial campaign flight allowed for a beta test on audience online behavior across the Foundation’s social properties to better understand what content on which platform would optimize performance. The results showed:

  • Even though Uganda was the top target country, it performed the lowest of the six due to the social media tax
  • The lowest cost-per-click results were from Facebook video engagement
  • While the lowest social engagement in the initial flight was among women, the organic post of female-centric content featuring Favourite Regina was the highest performing in 2019 at the time

Phase 2

For Phase 2, we refreshed our approach to deepen engagement on the ground in Africa based on our learnings from the beta test. We focused our efforts on women-centric targeting and creative, and bolstering the video assets across channels optimized for video streaming, including the first pre-roll campaign on YouTube. To combat the Uganda social media tax, we launched a one-month digital banner ad campaign with one of the top publications in the country, The Daily Monitor.


  • 30% of visitors reached the bottom of the website landing page
  • Average time on site was 4:17, far above the monthly average of 1:01
  • Website traffic for Phase Two increased 80% over Phase One
  • Drove 83% of all the Foundation’s website sessions during the entire month of May
  • Google Search CPC averaged $0.01
  • Out of 659,671 total video views, 37,514 (~6%) watched the entire video on Facebook; 84% of total video views were women on Facebook
  • Women were six times more likely to watch and engage with a video with a female protagonist as opposed to a male protagonist