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Devise a careful plan or method to achieve extraordinary results.

The creative team at Proof Strategies devises brand-defining experiences that engage audiences in meaningful and expressive ways – by developing ideas with the power to sell, inspire, educate, inform or simply amuse.

Our in-house creative team will help design your brand’s visual identity or other creative assets in alignment with your overall communications strategy. We will transform strategic insights and direction into bold visuals that represent your brand values and support your marketing efforts.

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.”
- Albert Einstein
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Creative Development

Our team delivers strategic creative that earns audiences’ attention, shifts perception and behavior, and drives your business forward.  This includes infographics, digital advertising, web copy and content, and even video. They all work together to create that experience and secure a unique position for a brand.

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Integrated Content Creation

We are on a mission to challenge marketing conventions and recapture society’s attention through inspiring content that cuts through the noise. Using an integrated approach to content creation, Proof Strategies uses social media, thought leadership papers, infographics and more to EARN your audience’s attention and trust.

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Video Production

Proof Strategies has extensive experience as a digital video content marketing agency, creating five-second YouTube video pre-rolls, 15-second social videos and nationally broadcast television spots. If you’re looking to make an impact with video, our team of talented scriptwriters, producers, directors, videographers and editors can create visual content for your brand that breaks through the clutter and helps achieve your business objectives.

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Creative Production

Creative can be expensive. So Proof has creative producers manage the end-to-end production cycle to bring together the right team to deliver work on time, on budget and with best-in-class delivery. We partner with clients and are accountable for their business success as stewards of their brand and budgets.

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