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We deliver creative ideas based on knowledge and expertise.

Proof Strategies is an experienced public relations agency that delivers creative ideas based on knowledge and expertise. Our PR consultants have played integral roles in launching new services, elevating international brands and building respected reputations. We make it our job to deliver value and exceed expectations.

“If I only had two dollars left I would spend one dollar on PR.”
- Bill Gates
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Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership consulting services include determining strategic content pillars and crafting content for publishing through owned channels. It also includes developing speakers bureaus, and a bank of subject matter experts within your company ready with company key messages.  Well-executed, swift reactions to the news can strengthen your reputation in the market and lead to additional media opportunities. A unique POV will yield results for years to come, and helping companies develop that is a strong skill set at Proof.

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Public Affairs

Our public affairs team represents corporations, not-for-profits, regulatory groups, industry associations and others, helping them navigate issues and impact public opinion. We bring more than 25 years of proven experience in public affairs, with senior team members dedicated to serving your business needs.

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Media Relations

When news coverage is essential to achieving your business objectives, our team of experts can approach media and craft stories that engage journalists in a meaningful way. Relationships in specific verticals make this possible.

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Corporate & Executive Profiling

With strategic communications skills and expert media training, the executives at your organization can become your best spokespeople. We employ several tactics to help raise their public profile, including media training, speech writing and coaching.

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